Guiding your health & well–being

At Touchbasehealth all our services are focused and directed towards our firm and evidence based belief that

  • Patients recover faster and better, and enjoy a more positive outlook on health when treated at the comfort and settings of their home.
  • Not all rehabilitative treatments require an expensive, time consuming visit to a healthcare service facility whilst they could be delivered and treated at the convenience of their home through using breakthrough technology platforms that save money and time giving you and your loved once on a peaceful recovery.

Hence, we tailored and designed our service delivery model into two broad categories.

We believe that in the vast majority of cases a person can be accurately assessed, and their condition managed with the use of online technology, and there is a growing body of evidence supporting this too.

If, however, after assessing your condition we think that you would benefit from manual therapy, we will advise you about this and provide you with physiotherapy options in your area.

Visit the list of our scope of services on the left hand column of this page and send us your details and fix up with us your first appointment free of cost. Followed by a detailed assessment of your condition we will help you chose your treatment package and service delivery mode. As a result of using our services, our patients are able to stay in their homes longer, save money, and have peace of mind.