Nutritional Counselling

Diet Consultations & Nutritional Counselling

A detailed and exact-well timed diet including all of your favourite foods - planned as per your daily routine / schedule works even while you're travelling - and helps you to achieve your health & fitness goals efficiently in a faster way keeping your mind free from worries of food planning, eating right and staying fit. This is what we help you achieve.

Therefore, achieve weight management goals and experience multifold increase in energy levels with diets which are healthy & nutritious and do not deprive you of any essential macro/micro nutrient


Adding to it is the regular monitoring by a qualified dietician increases compliance with the diet and help people achieve their fitness goals faster. If you are looking for a complete health plan for you and your family, you can choose TBHs DigiNutrition Online Family Nutrition & Diet Consultation plan.

  • DigiNutrition
  • follows a comprehensive, yet simple and reliable health management approach. During the course of the program, you will never feel that you are dieting or feel deprived. DigiNutrition aims to help you to develop a healthy eating lifestyle by providing you customised simple suggestions and tips to suit your body type.

    In individuals with medical conditions, eg, obesity, thyroid, diabetes, high cholesterol etc., the nutrition plans are customized accordingly. We have specialized nutrition programs for each of the categories listed below

    We now offer a package deal of Personal Training, Massage Therapy and customised Meal recipes delivered right to you! Use this offer as a one stop shop for you fitness needs and take advantage of these great services provided by top notch professionals.

    • Family Nutrition
    • Sports Nutrition
    • Women Nutrition
    • Weight Management
    • Clinical Nutrition
    • Geriatric Nutrition
    • Paediatric Nutrition
    • lescent Nutrition

    What do you entail for in DigiNutrition?

  • DigiNutrition Health Assessment:
  • A Personalised health assessment provides individuals with a wealth of information required to manage their health effectively. This will help individuals to prevent health problems even before they occur. Additionally, our health experts help to accurately identify your health issue by taking into consideration your health history and current health status. Once your health issue is identified, we help you set goals and create an action plan to achieve the health goals.

  • DigiNutrition Nutrition Coaching:
  • A personalised nutrition coaching will be a positive boost for you. We guide you to good health by creating a customised nutrition plan which includes amazing health tips and recipes, chat support, continuous expert consultations and regular progress monitoring to help you move closer to your desired goal. We create personalized diet plans keeping the calories you should be consuming each day; no more, no less

  • DigiNutrition monitoring and Support:
  • Good health management often implies setting the customer on the right track by giving the right advice at the beginning of the program. At Touchbasehealth, we believe in outstanding health management. Outstanding health management practices ensure that your health advisor continuously monitors your progress and brings you back on the right track, we keep you whenever you seem to be going off track.