Sports Physiotherapy


Sports injuries are different from regular injuries and mainly affect an athlete or anyone involved in a sporting activity, training and or exercises. Overtraining, lack of conditioning, and inappropriate technique of performing a certain task may also lead to sport injuries. Neglecting to warm up prior to exercising or playing any physical sports also increases the risk of injuries.

Although, sports injuries are mainly found in athletes involved with any form of physical sports, there are another group of athletes – the weekend athletes (engaging in sports only during weekend). They are actually more prone to such injuries, owing to their sedentary work week and the sudden weekend physical endeavour that are going to hurt them.

Sports injuries are different from regular injuries, as athletes put their body under a lot of pressure, which sometimes leads to wear and tear in the muscles, joints and bones. Sports injuries treatment is best dealt with the help of sports physiotherapy, which is a speciality branch of physiotherapy managing injuries and physical issues associated with athletes.

Sports physiotherapist helps the athletes in making recovery and also provides some education on the prevention of further injuries. Sports physiotherapists have sports specific knowledge and as such are better equipped in helping the athletes make faster recovery.

Some of the common forms of sports injuries are as follows:

Apart from the above mentioned sports injuries there are still several other injuries like Concussion, Lower back injury, Runner’s Knee and Hip Bursitis a few to name them. All kinds of sport injuries treatment involves sports physical therapy along with proper medication to bring relief to the athletes. Physiotherapy in sports injury has proven to be quite useful in the rapid recovery of the athletes and is one of the most trusted forms of treatment.

Depending on the kind of injury, it might take a number of weeks or months for one to recover completely. Our physiotherapist and the programmes with gentle exercises that stimulates the tissues and muscles of the injury for the restoration of complete physical movement prior to the injury level. Physiotherapy gradually introduce various stretching and strengthening exercises with reduction of pain. Our physiotherapists offer customized recovery program as per the type of injury, so as to better facilitate the entire recovery process.

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