Fitness Therapy

Fitness Therapy

It’s never too late to take action towards building a healthier you by yourself and within the comfort of your home with specialised programmes constructed and delivered to you by us with your needs and goals in our mind and heart.

General Fitness is designed for those with a variety of goals in mind ranging from losing weight and building muscles to increase flexibility and moving better. We create programs that are designed to help you through your fitness journey no matter the amount of experience you have or your current level of fitness.


What does Our General Fitness Services Entails…?

Choosing Services under general fitness entails you to a complete at home fitness level assessment with detailed reports on your current level of fitness and mutual goal setting to achieve what to you is important. We will work together in developing comprehensive fitness programmes which will be delivered to you on technology platforms like Live/recorded videos, descriptive exercise Pdfs, and Live video conferencing through your desktops, mobile phones and tabs. It’s like having your own personal trainer with you all the time and everywhere so that being fit will never seem impossible and much less cost than having a trainer hired. You may choose to perform your fitness workouts right where you are or can carry it to your gym where you will never feel alone or needing any help or expensive assistants

Our Services include:

  • Home Gym Set up consultation
  • We make Gyms for you. Our experienced fitness specialists are dedicated to design, construction and manage innovative, industry-leading gyms in private homes and residential developments or corporate sites and commercial spaces. Whether it's an in-home personal workout room, a corporate gym or the focal point of a large residential development, our end-to-end service provides everything you need to create the perfect fitness arena.

    Would you like to find out more about what our Make Gyms offer? Are you interested in a free initial meeting to discuss your project? If so, get in touch by visiting our contact page

  • Personal Training Digital
  • We are dedicated to helping you make health and fitness a top priority in your life we have tailored our programmes to cater to your busy life style so you may overcome all your obstacles. Our speciality lies in creating per iodised and individualised training and wellness programmes to reach individual clients and their specific fitness and lifestyle goals. Wherever you are and whatever be your optimal fitness goals be our programmes provide you solutions and direction to achieve them. Thus empowering your best version through our well designed training which will show you how great it feels when you commit yourself to your goals and our training programmes.

    We now offer a package deal of Personal Training, Massage Therapy and customised Meal recipes delivered right to you! Use this offer as a one stop shop for you fitness needs and take advantage of these great services provided by top notch professionals.

  • Lose Weight / Build Muscle
  • Most people want to just lose weight but we believe losing weight and building muscle go hand in hand. Increasing your muscle mass will not only help you lose weight but also establish a solid foundational strength that will help you in your day-to-day activities. Changing your body composition and the ratio of muscle to fat within your body will help you avoid many of the diseases that stem from being overweight and/or obese. Our programs provide a healthy dose of cardio and strength training that will minimize your risk of diseases found to be prevalent in today’s society.

  • Mobility / Flexibility Training
  • Stretching and mobility have always been at the bottom in terms of fitness goals, but we aim to change that. By increasing your flexibility you allow muscles and joints to maintain a healthy relationship, which is extremely important when it comes to overall health and fitness. Our programs are designed to restore the correct length and tension relationships within your body to avoid all complications that can stem from tight muscles

  • Sport Specific
  • Are you involved in a sport or a recreational activity that you want to progress in? Do you want training specifically designed to help you perform at your highest level? Our sports specific training will help you develop the skills needed to perform at your best no matter the sport or level of competition.

  • Corrective Exercise
  • Designed for those who have constant pain, poor posture, existing disabilities owing to a previous injury and or prone to injuries. The focus is to mitigate the pain and recover from a pre-existing condition or improper body mechanics. This is essential in bringing a harmonious balance between muscles, joints and proper movements.

  • Injury Prevention
  • The body is a highly complex machine that can only function properly if all parts are moving together harmoniously. If one aspect of the machine is unable to move effectively, it has a negative impact on the body as a whole and creates a “wear and tear” effect. Our injury prevention programs help you do what it takes to move correctly and avoid injuries no matter your activity level. Being able to move correctly is vital in preventing injuries through Post-Acute Rehab and Therapeutic Exercises.

So whatever are your fitness goals and obstacles talk to our expert and discuss packages and services that wold empower you take gains at the comfort of your home, save time and make huge savings on cost. Fill the enquiry form and click the Schedule Now button for a free online assessment and consultation.