Digihealth Physical Therapy

What is Digihealth physical therapy?

Telerehabilitation and telemedicine have been around in its current form for over several years, but is still considered a new concept.

As the name suggests ‘Digi’ refers to ‘Digital or technological’ and in contrast to the initial method of communication over telephone. These days, availability of high speed connections and web cameras provides us the ability to perform thorough assessments and guided treatments remotely. This technological advancement is extremely viable and highly effective. Many of the conditions typically seen in a clinic setting face to face with a physiotherapist are now possibly treated using modern technology. Many health care professionals are incorporating telemedicine and telerehabilitation into their practice from GPs to Physiotherapists.

In Simple words, “Digihealth physical therapy” refers to physical therapy services that are provided over a technology platform, rather than by in-person.

How it works


How do we deliver Digihealth Services?

  • Live video. This mode of delivery is called “real time” and is very ideal for assessment, evaluation and treatments. We use platforms for live interaction between you and us over video.
  • Store-and-forward. This involves the transfer of health history and/or medical records over secure electronic means. This type of delivery is best for sending x-rays, progress notes, etc..
  • Remote patient monitoring (RPM). This involves the remote monitoring of patients’ health and medical data over secure electronic means. This type of delivery is ideal formonitoring patients’ blood pressure and/or blood glucose measurements, steps per day, etc.
  • Mobile health. This involves healthcare services, education, and public health notifications being delivered over cellphones, tablets, and other electronic devices. This type of delivery is ideal for alerting patients to updates to their Home exercise programmes.

Note: Just like in a clinic setting, not all people who are assessed by the physiotherapist are appropriate for physiotherapy treatment. Your physiotherapist will communicate with you if they feel that you need further assessment by a medical practitioner, need imaging, would benefit greater from seeing a physiotherapist in person, or would benefit from seeing a different therapist – either separately or in conjunction with the physiotherapist.

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