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At Touchbasehealth, we understand that patients recover faster and better, and enjoy a more positive outlook on health when treated at the comfort and settings of their home. With Touchbasehealth you can be sure that you will receive superior-quality healthcare in the comfort of your own home. We will provide health care specialists for home visits. These professionals have passed our rigorous hiring standards and have had their backgrounds and medical knowledge verified. This is how we will accomplish our mission to transform home health by providing a wide range of customised, high quality, technology enabled, multi-disciplinary health care services. As a result of using our services, our patients are able to stay in their homes longer, save money, and have complete peace of mind.



1. In providing highest quality rehabilitative care at the comfort of your home by reaching relevant healthcare professionals such as Physiotherapists , Occupational therapist , Massage therapists, fitness experts and trained caregivers to your home.

2. These caregivers have passed rigorous hiring standards and have had their backgrounds and medical knowledge verified. We will may also facilitate lab tests at home and medical equipment rentals, making health care more accessible for our patients.

3. Our focus is on bridging and facilitating patients, relatives and their care givers in availing post hospital care and at the same time helping health care workers finding and reaching people who need their treatment and care at the end users (Patients) home.

4. We focus on creating a lot of high quality content which enables customers understand what they need to do under various disease situations to prevent and to address them.

5. We engage in social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, instagram and podcasts and also in active conversation. We also use our blogs to add lot more into contents so that conversations happen with customers over elongated period of time. 

6. Providing quality and research based and result oriented contents for patients, their relatives, and care givers and to students and practioners of rehabilitation sciences.

7. Enabling our clients or patients to use cutting edge technology to deliver or empower them to better health through our tailor-made/customised services

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